Who is Dr Beetle?
Dr Beetle is a cryptic character, who has come out of his burrow because he was attracted to the bright lights. He has an inordinate fondness for himself, and a caustic view of human beans. During his formative years, he was raised by a family of carabs, and has become supremely wise and insightful. He is full of half pupated home truths that he uses to scuttle-bug the minds of this planet's most pompous species. He has a hard exoskeleton, so cannot be penetrated or insulted. He obtained his PhD from Groundswell University, after presenting his thesis on 'Carbon sequestration and the reduction of greenhouse gases by the proliferation of habitat logs for beetles throughout the suburbs.'
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Dr  Beetle's Wild Page
Dr Beetle promotes wildness in humans the way an enlightened nature intended, and offers new thoughts on biology, evolution, desire and spirituality
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When you see the worst side of humans, such as during a riot, looting, fighting or supreme acts of selfishness, humans generally find a way to blame their animal ancestors for the problem. They say 'just under the surface of a civilized human society bubbles their animalistic tendencies'. I even saw some learned psychology and biology professors offering an explanation for attempts at genocide by humans in the Balkans, to our ancestral.links.to a race of chimpanzee that also sometimes turns on other chimp 'tribes'. Well, Dr Beetle fights back! These outrageous explanations belie the simple truth that most humans do not want to hear. The cowardly and selfish behaviors they battle 'under the surface' are their own fault. They arise from the abandonment of their true selves in favor of their artificial, fashionable and self absorbed human world. If you look more deeply at the animal inside yourself, you will find a virtuous and fair creature whose primary biological driver is to be part of 'the wildness'. If you want to become a more fulfilled species, the only real course available is to become more biologically aware and attuned. Then you will be better able to judge and distinguish between your true animal nature and human brainwashing. These pages will help you to become aware of these differences, and provide a start into the uncharted world of human wildness.
Coleoptera unite!
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Recent reviews of my site:
New Scientist web links of 2002 "Controversial site with alternative views on many of the building blocks of modern biology. Often thought-provoking, offering lots of material for debate. Good design and links, worth a visit"
Genitic Engineering News web site, Apr 2004 "Dr Beetle enjoys taking unusual points of view, and while most of his pages are filled more with his opinions than with info about beetles, I found the writing to be crisp and even, in places thought-provoking. His notions of spirituality from the perspectives of animals should be widely read. Some will vehemently disagree with Dr Beetle's writings, but isn't that what the web is at least partly about?

Sometimes, I am asked how to reference my work in science reports etc. I have been adding web posting dates to the pages, so you could put for example: Beetle, D. (2004). Title of page.
If you find a page without a date, email me and I will work it out for you.
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