Should Steve Irwin have introduced son Bob to a crocodile?
Biology Blast
Lemmings, dying on camera
Killing for a Living: Hunters of the Underworld
The Secret Life of the Dog
The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins
Parable of The Selfish Drip
Questions about my comments
Do Female Mantises really Eat their Mates?
Those Selfish Neanderthals!
That the Anal Whip is used for Defense
Wild America, a TV series riddled with trickery

Wildness, FAQ

Biology Lesson
Parsimony in nature
Natural or Artificial
Music - why humans like music?
Do Animals have a Sixth Sense?
Do humans have instincts?
Survival instinct
Competitive instinct
Parental instinct
Killer instinct myths, and much more!

Why I am not a Human
Mozzy zapper lies
Mountain cattlemen banned from grazing in all of the high country
Overpopulation and growth

Psychology Lesson
Emotions   - with emotional buttons
Evolutionary psychology - science of nastiness
Evolutionary psychology and its top ten failures
Fear of spiders not detected in flies!
Do lions kill cubs to spread their genes?
Identical twin studies and evolutionary psychology
Gene shortage and evolutionary psychology

On Belief



Human's Future
Cloning extinct species, importance of taxonomy
Human potential and human niches

Human Jokes


Dr Beetle's Grand Plan